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    The fabric air distribution system is a flexible air distribution system woven from special fibers, commonly known as bag ducts. It is a new type of terminal air supply system integrating air supply pipe, air valve, diffuser, static pressure box and air supply port. It mainly relies on cloth penetration and the unique air outlet mode of the nozzle jet to uniformly and comfortably deliver air to the controlled area.

    Advantages of fiber fabric air duct

    Superior air supply performance

    Multi-style appearance

    No condensation and anti-condensation

    Easy to clean, healthy and hygienic

    Quiet noise


    Light weight and short construction period

    Safety and environmental protection

    The air is supplied through the entire laser opening and the fiber penetrates the air, the overall air supply is uniform and accurate, and the comfort is excellent.

    A variety of colors can be matched with the use environment, and a variety of shapes can be integrated with the building. The overall style is simple and generous, high-end and practical.

    The pipe wall fiber permeation is self-permeable, forming a micro-permeable layer outside the pipe wall, and there is no temperature difference between the inside and outside of the pipe wall, which solves the problem of condensation in the air duct.

    Convenient disassembly and assembly, easy pipe cleaning, and antibacterial functional fiber weaving to ensure air quality in the system.

    The air duct is made of flexible materials, which has noise reduction, will not produce and transmit resonance, is quiet and noiseless, and improves the environmental quality.

    The flexible fiber is made of light weight, about 1/40 of the traditional metal air duct, and the finished product is hung and the construction period is 1/10 of the traditional.

    Using environmentally friendly fireproof fiber, it is manufactured, has a long service life, is convenient to disassemble, store, and transport, and can be recycled and reused.

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