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    Home > News > The fiber fabric air duct perfectly adapts to the structural characteristics of the elevated warehouse

    The fiber fabric air duct perfectly adapts to the structural characteristics of the elevated warehouse

    Time: 2020-02-21   Preview times:1435

    1. Large space. Three-dimensional elevated warehouses are tall and large space buildings, and their dimensions are larger than general buildings in the height direction, or the horizontal length and width directions. This large space size brings inconvenience to the airflow organization of the central air conditioning system, and the conventional top air supply, side air supply and jet air supply are difficult to meet the requirements.

    2. The internal space is completely occupied by the racking and stacker operation process space. The air-conditioning return air duct is difficult to reach into the inner space of the elevated warehouse, and the return air duct is also difficult to match, so it is still difficult to ensure uniformity in the elevated warehouse. The temperature and humidity field.

    3. The entire internal space belongs to the controlled air-conditioning area. Since the high-bay warehouse may also store materials on the top of the shelves, the controlled air-conditioning area of the high-bay warehouse is almost from the top to the ground. Therefore, it is determined that the elevated warehouse must maintain the uniformity of the temperature and humidity field regardless of whether it is in the vertical or horizontal direction.

    4. The wind speed in the internal space should not be too high. Because some of the materials stored on the shelves are open, excessive wind speed will easily blow off the materials on the surface of the storage box.

    5. The uncertainty of material storage. The storage quantity of materials on each shelf comes from production requirements, and it may be full or empty. The air distribution of the air conditioner should adapt to this characteristic.

    6. The heat and humidity load of the air conditioner is not large. Because the materials stored in the overhead storage produce almost no heat and moisture, the main heat and moisture load comes from the enclosure structure and the heat dissipation of the stacker crane. Generally, the illuminance in the overhead storage is relatively low, and the lighting heat dissipation is also very small. Therefore, the heat and humidity load in the elevated warehouse has no obvious particularity.

    7. There is a temperature gradient in the elevated warehouse.

    8. The enclosure structure is tight.

    Buding Textile conducts in-depth research on the above-mentioned characteristics of the elevated tobacco warehouse. The permeable fiber fabric air duct is combined with 7 air supply modes for CFD simulation to determine a set of ventilation schemes suitable for the elevated warehouse.

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