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    Home > News > Design and Application of Fiber Fabric Air Duct in Food Factory

    Design and Application of Fiber Fabric Air Duct in Food Factory

    Time: 2019-09-21   Preview times:1663

    The traditional food industry adopts traditional iron sheet air supply system, and there are some problems that cannot be solved: increasing the roof load, relying on diffuser to supply air will arouse such as biscuits powder, long installation period, high cleaning and maintenance costs, etc. The buding fiber fabric air duct is solid The food industry has made a complete set of new solutions:

    Using fiber fabric air ducts, the design system is arranged along the production line in a low space, which is comfortable and save; adopts slit penetration air supply mode, which not only prevents condensation, but also meets a series of requirements such as large air volume, low wind speed, and uniform air supply; system The weight is only 1/40 of the traditional iron sheet air duct, and the installation is convenient, which not only meets the load-bearing requirements of the workshop, but also greatly saves the engineering cycle. In addition, the system is simple to install, extremely convenient to disassemble and assemble up and down, and can be washed with water. As long as the spare section is replaced, it can be cleaned without stopping production, greatly reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.

    The full ceiling structure is adopted. In order to cooperate with the low-space ceiling, the air duct system is designed with a semi-circular duct system under the ceiling. The end of the system is connected to the vertical air cabinet, which saves space and is beautiful, even when there is no ventilation. Beautiful.

    For multi-regions and large systems, a large number of centralized air supply is adopted, and the design is only to open holes in the area with positions, which not only provides uniform and comfortable air, but also saves energy.

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